hemp nation flag 2014

“Our (Pledge & Our) Gift To You Ohio…” By Robert Carr

It should be said that at every place in life there is new opportunity for both growth and development. God willing we are at that next new opportunity. Facts are these:

  1. We will get Cannabis, Hemp, Medical Marijuana Safe & Legal in the State of Ohio.
  2.  We will get Cannabis, Hemp, Medical Marijuana Safe & Legal in ALL 50 States and the Sovereign Territories and Provinces of the United States of America. Just so that every man, woman and child of age has safe and legal access to one of God’s most, “A Rated” All-Natural Medicinal Plants on this planet.
  3.  Cannabis, Hemp, Medical Marijuana Works! The cures for juvenile diabetes, cancers, adult diabetes, glaucoma, macular degeneration, HIV-Aides and More ARE ALL CURED by Cannabis treatments of various dosages, styles and types.
  4.  The prohibition days of, “God’s little Emerald-Green plant” by the USDA, DEA, & More are numbered! One way or another We Will Get the Schedule One Status of this plant removed so that every man, woman and child of age may partake in this gift of life and prolonging for better youth, health and vitality.

These are the FACTS folks, and they are undisputed. We stand on the threshold of great and crucial days #HempNation, and that is why, NOW more than ever before we need to band together. Put aside the petty, benign bullshit of the day amongst our ranks. Close ranks and come together as one common good for the greater good and benefit of our fellow-man. Without the help of Almighty God and a willing Heart & Soul Collective we will not get this thing done, in fact, what we will do is undo absolutely everything we have done, all the work will be for not and we will be headed back down the ladder of progress, instead of up! Bottom line. Join with us Ohio. This is our gift and our pledge to you, we will get cannabis safe and legal in this State. Thanks. –Robert Carr


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