“A Letter of Solicitation: Our Gift To You Ohio Is Looking for Sponsors/Organizers” By Robert C. Carr


hemp nation red, white & blue 2015 One Nation under God & Hemp! Unite! Vote for the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment, Safe & Legal Marijuana in the Buckeye State OR Bust!

My name is Robert C. Carr of Ripley, OH. And I am the President and CEO of Our Gift to You Ohio, A Grassroots Organization, promoting, working with, and bringing Industrialized Hemp and Cannabis to the American People and the World through the advent of eatable, drinkable and prescription based form.

We are a small, for-profit organization that is looking to expand and expound upon the Industrialized Hemp and Cannabis Movement/Community all across this great country, in a larger sense, but in a smaller sense right here in the State of Ohio. Because it is right here in Ohio where some of America’s best farmers and growers of fresh fruits, vegetables, and tobacco reside. These very same farmers and growers are also looking to, with both…

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