Cannabis Marijuana Vs Sugar

Russell Brand has raised another interesting question – Marijuana Vs Sugar: Which drug is most dangerous? In a new video, Brand compares marijuana, which is 114 times safer than alcohol, to America’s drug of choice – sugar – and explains how sugar is more hazardous than cannabis. In this video, he also poked fun at Channel 4 News’ Jon Snow’s experience of taking super-strength skunk.

Snow took a concentrated dose of cannabis for a new TV documentary looking at the impact of drugs on the brain. He said, “I knew within five minutes, or so, of taking the first two balloons, that I had taken skunk. What was happening to me outstripped anything I have ever experienced… I would never do it again. I can fully believe this week’s figures that tell us that 25 per cent of all psychosis treated in Britain is associated with smoking skunk”.

Reactions to Jon Snow trying Skunk while studies are linking it to an increased risk of psychosis.

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