Raise Awareness to a all natural medicine

*Raising Awareness to A all natural medicine*

Theres a great deal of information available on

( Cannabis ) Marijuana for everyone’s benefit to a natural health care choice

Following the fact of life from around the globe Cannabis Marijuana products are provided in some states

Only freedom to the people who are interested in this natural resource plant why is one state to another so different ?

“Feeling like a little child in a candy store ”

I am a volunteer of the “Our Gift To You Ohio” group is a  organization that advocates for the rights of Everyone from around the globe pushing for the fact of freedom  we can make this right to make medical,therapeutic,and industrial use of the  Cannabis plant and supports the growing numbers of people.

My passion is to help people. I was in Monticello,ky about 10 years ago and found a website about cannabis plants helping people with cancer be cured. I was very interested in it. About 3 years ago I found Ian Jacklins who is a movie star in action movies and has a website known as Icurecancer.com and also has a group page on Facebook is Icurecancer. I loved it so much that I called him and he told me its actually works if you eat Cannabis marijuana every day.along with a natural diet. I thought this was to good to be true. I was not a believer yet. I researched it online.I found a bunch of information on this. It is very sad to see little children have a disease that we can not cure but the Cannabis Marijuana gives children as well as adults another chance. Now let me ask you a question? Would you give someone you love cannabis marijuana to save there life from cancer? I bet you would.

One website I will tell you about is

Www.bravemykayla.com Kayla is a beautiful little girl. Kayla was diagnosed with a rare cancer that was very aggressive. When all the treatments failed  her  mother and father decided to give her alternative path. Cannabis Marijuana oil.  on the way to recover

Now back to my question if you had someone you loved that has cancer would you give them CANNABIS oil. I don’t know of anyone that would not give them what they needed to be cured. But wait we cannot because cannabis is illegal but it has shown that it works for Cancer. It would be great if cannabis marijuana was legal that’s what the Ohio rights group is trying to get legalized. All you half to do is vote. That is  what this is about. Help me and the Ohio rights group get this on the ballet this year 2015 We as people could help our next Generation of children. Please if you our over 18 vote it will take about 5 minutes to vote. This is not about being high it is about saving people. Remember get up and stand up for your rights.


By Bill Smith


Coloradans 4 Cannabis Patient Rights


World Cannabis supports everyone around the globe

Our number is 1-888-856-2526

Toll free in North America


Heres a headline you’ll never see on Cannabis


( ( ( ( >>News on Industrial Hemp by Ron Paul<<) ) ) )


Event in Cincinnati Ohio legalize cannabis marijuana date 04-20-15



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